We handle the latest equipment from the world mainly confectionery and bakerymanufacturing machinery.
We will proactively propose from store machines to factory industrial equipment from import to delivery.

ー World Trend ー

<Fermenter, Flour Cooling>

Established in 1975 at Northern Italy, AGRIFLEX is a maker of milling silo, continuous flour cooling system and manufaturing automatic fermenter system.
Cooling flour system has advanced system, which cooling the pipe of transporting the flour and able to lower the temperature.

<Frozen Dough Inspecting>

Dutch company founded in 1986.
Automation line for Quality Inspection of frozen dough, Counting , Case Filling , Case Erecting, Bag sealing.

<Spiral Mixer>

Italy maker, which manufacturing the mixer for bakery manufacture, handles spiral, double arm, and from small machines to industrial machines.

<Tunnel Oven>

Professional oven maker, which makes tunnel oven, vertical oven and double action oven, in France.
It is also a French manufacture with a well established reputation for direct-baked bread making also a stone type tunnel oven on the hearth.

<Spiral Conveyor>

Italy machine maker, which builds proofing machine, oven, cooling machine and freezer with using of spiral conveyor.
Unlike the conventional center drum type, it is characterized by being able to realize a high degree of freedom layout by turining the drive shaft on the outer periphery.

<Deck oven, Rack Oven>

Manufacturer of steam type deck oven and rack oven with heat storage property.
If you increase the temperature higher than any oven, you will not be able to cool it easily, even if you bake the bread to the hearth full, you can bake without lowring the temperature, so you will bake high quality bread which is quite different from the electric oven.
Their main office is in Luxemburg.

<Washing Machine>

British manufacture of top plate washer and food tray washing machine.
The submerge washing machine is capable of dropping dirt well and it is an eco-friendly machine. NEWSMITH also has makeup oddy.

<Vacuum Cooling Machine>

Dutch manufacturer of vacuum coolers for confectionery in normal cooling, it takes 60-120 minutes for cool the bread and confectionery after baking on a cooling rack or conveyor.
With a vacuum cooler, It's can cool in just 8-13 minutes.
Not only can production efficiency be improved by shortening the cooling time, but also small space and energy saving can be realized.
If you are using a rack oven, we also propose a batch type vacuum cooler, and a continuous vacuum cooler for factory production Automation lines.

<Tunnel Oven>

This company make Japanese style tunnel oven in Chinese Factory, where able to offer a facility with reduced cost and also manufacturing automatic front and rear lines too.

<Bread Manufacture Line>

Taiwanese maker, where handle from makeup to oven with lower cost but good quality machine.
They offer a medium scale bread manufacture line.

<Top board, Food Type Board>

We can prepare wide range from flat top board of size to special top board such as baguette top board.
We are also preparing silicone coating, but mainly with fluorine coating.

ー Japanese Innovation ー

<Divider, Rounder>

Japanese manufacture machine maker where introduced link style construction for pursuing simple and reduce damage of the dough.

<Cookies, Depositor>

Japanese machine maker, which depositting cookie dough automatically.
It has compact design with high durability.


It is Japanese machine maker, which building machines for supporting filling and injection of cream into cake, cream puff, bread and pudding.
It is compact and designed for hygiene, it has usage records in many factories. Also they built machines which has correspondence to mass-production with system unit for automatic line.