Innovation to create delightful sweets
and happy faces.

Unbound by previous conventions,
we aim to bring our customers one step closer to perfect tasting food.

Special sweets made from the soul.


Partnership with Silikomart,
the leader in confectionaries.

Pacific Yoko collaborates with Silikomart, an Italian company specializing in the production of silicon molds and tools, to develop unique solutions for the Japanese consumer.


−Real Belgian chocolate

Renowned for its quick and smooth melting qualities, Arabesque offers excellent taste for a reasonable price.


Exceptional frozen dough
using top-grade sour cream butter

Pacific Yoko commenced importation of frozen dough in 2016. We work only with the best producers such as VanDerPol, caterers to the Dutch Royalty. The semi-processed nature of sour cream butter results in high quality products that realize low manufacturing costs.


Delicious pre-baked
frozen bread

Pandriks of North Holland produces pre-baked frozen bread that undergoes a long fermentation process that breaks down gluten. Baked in a large tunnel-shaped stone oven, the crust is crispy yet soft inside from high hydration, all contributing to its delicious taste.


Pacific Yoko Food Catalog

PDF (Japanese) - 37.5MB