Established in 1975 at Northern Italy, AGRIFLEX is a maker of milling silo,
continuous flour cooling system and manufaturing automatic fermenter system.

Cooling flour system has advanced system, which cooling the pipe of transporting the flour and able to lower the temperature.

Handled Model:
1. Automatic Fermenter
2. Flour Cooling
3. Silo
4. Tranporting System

<A> Automatic Fermenter

Put water, flour, starter and just press the start button, the next day will be the liquid sponge production tank where the liquid sponge is made.

It is the smallest tank and capacity 100 L type. Heaters and cooling devices are also attached to the tank and fully automated management.

For liquid sponge making, you can select control by temperature, time, pH and perform controlled production automatically.

<B> Fully automatic dosing system

It is a device that can cool while conveying the flour.It is possible to lower the temperature of flour about 20℃.

The biggest feature is the system which can cool the flour inside the transport pipe which carry the flour from the silo to the mixer.

It does not need to cool the flour for each batch as in the conventional way and it is possible to cool down while flours are being transported continuously in the pipe.