Wines that connect the producer and customer closer together.

We tirelessly work hand in hand with our producers to answer all our customer's needs.
Our ambition is to bring people closer together with wines that transcend borders.


Seeds over brand.
The individuals producing the wine
are essential partners.


We always visit the wineries and meet the winemakers face to face

Our staff only work with producers we have met in person.
Based on years of experience, Pacific Yoko primarily buys and sells fine Italian wines.


Expertise to understand the beauty
and challenges of Italian wines

Italy features a wide diversity of grape species along with significant discrepancies in weather throughout the country, producing a vast range of wine flavors.
Therein lies the beauty and difficulty of procuring quality wines.


Devotion to customers

No matter how wonderful the wine we procure, it would be a waste if it does not answer the needs of our customers.
We will dedicate ourselves to finding the ideal wines for you.


Enjoy new experiences

While choosing our favorite wines can be pleasurable, it is also important to encounter new wines.
Every year, we conduct a highly selective inspection process to provide our customers with new and wonderful experiences.



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