Curiosity and expertise are the key ingredients
for delicious bread making.

Our concept "What's next?" takes us around the globe searching for products with unique value.
We deliver only the most modern ingredients and machinery to our customers.

Innovation for bakeries and great tasting
healthy bread for our consumers.



Consumers have an appetite the authentic

We provide wide range of products from ingredients for traditional breads to Italian cheeses featuring authentic tastes.


Healthy & Nutritious

Health conscious foods
for everyday living

Bread is an everyday food that must be tasty and healthy.
From organic to low-carb and even the functional, we are always in pursuit of the next food trend.



Bread making made easy

Pacific Yoko offers ingredients, tools, and technologies from around the world to make the bread-making process simple and efficient.
Our solutions create new profit opportunities for the bakeries of today.



Advanced materials and technologies
for quality breads

Ingredients are constantly evolving.
High hydration, increased volume, enhanced texture, and loss reduction are all ways we help improve the final product.
We provide high quality ingredients alongside advanced technology, information, and services.

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Pacific Yoko Food Catalog

PDF (Japanese) - 37.5MB